What We Do

And Why We Do It...

Warrior Companion is a nonprofit founded to provide pet insurance for the service animals of disabled veterans.

Disabled veterans often have to sell many personal belongings just to care for their service animal.

This is because disabled veterans that are not 100% service connected disability do not qualify for coverage from the VA for their service animal.

When our founder Jack Bodolosky discovered that his fellow brothers and sisters were selling personal items such as their cars, tv's and other personal items just to take their service animal to the veterinarian, he knew he had to take action to help them.

Service animals are expensive to train so it's critical that the animal receives the proper care to provide them with a long and healthy life.  The longer they can stay with their veteran the better it is for both the animal and the veteran that desperately needs them to function.

If you know a veteran in need share our Veteran Application with them by clicking here.

You can help sponsor the care of an animal when you donate by clicking here.



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